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Carnaval - Ensino Fundamental II e Médio

Seguindo o ritmo de preparo de atividades, fiz essa que adorei. Encontrei alguns desses textos na internet e juntei tudo, para formar algo legal. O resultado segue abaixo.
Neste primeiro exercício é necessário a tradução dos itens que se referem ao carnaval brasileiro.

 Neste segundo exercício, há um texto sobre o carnaval no nordeste do Brasil que deve ser completado com termos que não tem tradução exata para o inglês e que devem ser explicados.

1 - Fill in the blanks with the words bellow that refers to elements of Carnival:

Micareta – Abadá – Circuito – Trio elétrico – Encontro dos trios – Cordão – Pipoca

_______________ is the name we give to a truck equipped with an extremely high powerful sound system and a music group on top of it. The music group plays for the crowd – more than thousands of people – which go around some streets and places dancing and having lots of fun.
People don’t buy tickets to participate in a Trio Elétrico. They have to buy a special and colourful kit, mainly a T-shirt, which in known as _________. To separate people who have abadás and people who don’t, they use a rope, this is what we call __________. Generally, those who have money buy the abadá, which is expensive; those who have no money to buy the abadá, dance outside the cordão! Those people dancing outside the cordão are in the _________ (the name we give to the place outside the cordão).
So, here in Brazil, we can say “este ano vou sair atrás do trio”, which means that you have money to buy the abadá. Now, if you say “este ano vou sair na pipoca” means that you have no money to buy the abadá and will have to “miss” the real fun. Actually, people don’t care much about it! Pipoca is real fun, too!
__________ is the name of the streets that Trios Elétricos have to go through. There are lots of Trios Elétricos and there’s a day, usually in the last day, when they meet at one place. It’s a total mess, you know! This meeting point for all Trios is known as ______________________ (literally Trios Meeting).
Finally we have ____________, which is a special name for Carnival Street in Brazil. Some people prefer saying “micareta” rather than “carnaval de rua”.

E o último se trata sobre o carnaval americano de Mardi Gras, que é comemorado na mesma época, mas possui de alguns diferenciais, como o tratado neste texto abaixo.

2 – Read the text about Mardi Gras Carnival.

As part of the celebration of Mardi Gras, it is traditional to bake an oval cake in honor of the kings - the King Cake. The shape of a King Cake symbolizes the unity of faiths. Each cake is decorated in the traditional Mardi Gras colors: purple represents justice, green represents faith and gold represents power. A small baby, symbolizing the baby Jesus, is baked into each cake. In New Orleans, King Cake parties are held throughout the Mardi Gras season. In offices, classrooms, and homes throughout the city, King Cakes are sliced and enjoyed by all. Like the biblical story, the "search for the baby" adds excitement, as each person waits to see in whose slice of cake the baby will be discovered.
While custom holds that the person who finds the baby in their slice will be rewarded with good luck, that person is also traditionally responsible for bringing the King Cake to the next party or gathering. The traditional King Cake is made from twisted strands of cinnamon dough, topped with icing, and sprinkled with purple, green, and gold colored sugar. Today, many additional varieties of King Cake are also available, with fillings such as cream cheese, strawberry, apple, and lemon.

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